UV-C Disinfection Chamber

Lab Antibacterial rate Testing Confirmed* > 99.99%

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UV-C can efficiently disinfecting bacteria, virus on article surface.

A 40 seconds to 1-minute light irradiation provided by the UV-C disinfection chamber used in order to be a rapid decontamination that has proven it as effective for the way in eliminating microorganisms from hard surfaces.

Under the specific exposure time for antibacterial rate testing, this product has been verified by the Emerging Virus Infection Research Center of Chang Gung University.

Actual measurement confirmed* that after a 40-second lighting action to the coronavirus (229E), the antibacterial rate of this machine >99.99%

notice* Disinfection efficiency depending on exposure time and object surface complexity

UVC lamp is generally referred to as germicidal lamps, used for special purposes such as disinfecting drinking water, cosmetics, industrial water, swimming pool, air purification and food. It has been wildly used but there is no impact like the traditional germicidal lamps (UVGI) on human health.

Now, the use for UV-C in disinfection or purification application is getting more and more popular and has become a bright star weapon for human public health, epidemic prevention and product cleanliness.

Use our product, with the UVC (ultraviolet C) to disinfect the object surface that is helpful to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria to human body due to the contact.

Product features

Main function: Provide an easy-to-use way to eliminate bacteria, virus on article surface or paper document.

Because of the convenient implementation in practice in hospitals and healthcare centers, our product could be used for decontamination of some high-touch medical device surface (e.g. paper documents,) or for the article surface on which could not use biocide but frequently touched by staffs.
Eradicate infection risk but not to damage equipment.

  1. Physical sterilization, effective and fast, avoid secondary pollution. Wide range, fast effect, no residue.
  2. The principle of sterilization: the use of UVC at 254nm band to directly destroy the bacteria DNR or RNA.
  3. Antibacterial ability: 40-second operation to Coronavirus (229E), antibacterial rate >99.99%
    The total output of the light source reaches 160W, and it can once directly disinfect the frequent contact surfaces on 5 file folders.
  4. Simple setting and safe operation: One-key use, simple operation; The factory default for sterilization seconds is 40 seconds, and it can be adjusted as necessary.
    The safety catch will cut off the light source when the door opened.
    No chemicals or mercury, no corrosion, no pollution to the environment.
  5. To avoid the deterioration of plastics under the UV light exposure, the internal cabinet body is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel walls for easy cleaning and sterilization.
  6. Hermetic stainless-steel door without view window is to prevent the light leaks through the glass that would damage eyesight.

How does UV light sanitation work?

Ultraviolet (UV) light destroys the molecular bonds that hold together the DNA of viruses and bacteria. UV light is a particularly good option for sanitation because it kills bacteria regardless of drug resistance and without toxic chemicals.


  • UVC can destroy the plastic structure, it is not suitable to use ultraviolet disinfection machine for plastic items.
  • UVC light are beyond the visible range. Thus, the damage to skin and eyes caused by Ultraviolet rays are easily overlooked. Although the design of machine will make it cut the light source when the door opened; it is recommended to be careful in using any product with ultraviolet light.