The history of development about lumos's product

Founded in 2004, Lumos Tech. was initially dedicated to the development of digital optical and image processing equipment “X-Loupe Portable Microscope Camera Series”, which helps users easy to get the images of extremely tiny details the naked eyes are unable to see.

The following decade, Lumos Tech. not only hold many patents on micro-shooting devices configuring special wavelength excitation lights but also won the awards in invention and design.

Now, we are currently focusing and putting into product research and customized services on excitation light source devices, offering the solutions specially designed for fluorescence application fields, to meet the demands of specialized lighting sources in the professional areas.

Patent and Award


Landscape Study of Alternate Light Sources published by US National Institute of Justice

X-Loupe series report

Our product X-Loupe series is listed on the report "Landscape Study of Alternate Light Sources" published by US National Institute of Justice as being one of the currently available ALS for crime scene processing and laboratory applications.

Our products adopted by the National Forensic Academy (NFA)
12 JAN 2018News

Our products adopted by the National Forensic Academy (NFA) for use of educating the US law enforcement officers.

This is another important development for us in the field of expanding criminal forensic science after obtaining the support of Dr. Henry Chang-Yu Lee for the use of our products.

Silver Award Winner at 2016 Edison Awards

We are Silver Award Winner at 2016 Edison Awards

(Forensics & Security of the Applied Technology)

It'll be a great encouragement and recognition keeps us going forward with persistent efforts in the future.

Exclusive distributor agreement with INDEX Trading & Investment
10 Apr 2015News

Lumos Technology Signs Exclusive distributor agreement with INDEX Trading & Investment

Steve Yang, President of Lumos Tech. /
Anas Al Madani, Vice Chairman & CEO of INDEX Holding

The winning of GOOD DESIGN 2012


The winning design is "Fluorescence Excitation Light Source -- X-Loupe UCRL Macro / Micro Fluorescence Excitation Ring Light"
Provide entire & even illumination including white/UV lights; Magnetic Ring enables to connect camera /video /microscope;It can be used for many areas of machine assisted visual light.

Output the live images of GFP transgenic rats on a TV screen with UCRL and camera AV cable.

Under excitation light of UCRL, the fluorescent signals of GFP transgenic rats are stable and clear to be observed for every part of their bodies; even background is visible as well.
Oct 2010News

GFP Image

Well versed in the camera lighting for short distance and special needs, and the digital micro-distance product as well, Lumos Technologic has built up X-Loupe ® series which is specialized in micro image, not only is applied to a Non-destructive testing (NDT), as well as the criminal identification (Forensic) and other professional areas; the photo source of "Ultra Close-up Ring Light" (UCRL) can also meet protein fluorescence imaging needs. And furthermore, now UCRL has been adopted by the National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC), for the use of experimental fluorescent protein on animals.

As below, on-the-spot pictures of NLAC‘s press conference took place on October 21- to launch the latest research about the color of Fluorescent Proteins appeared on the transgenic rat are adjustable and exchangeable between Green and Red.