Km range IR searchlight

Km-range IR searchlight

Contribute to the precise information control for battlefield awareness, improving the surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

Want to Monitor nighttime terrain / conditions from miles away in the pitch dark and speed up object recognition to make decisions based on real-time assessment.

How to capture clear and low-noise image in low light is the key.

▲IR searchlight OFF
No light source, coarse image grain, lots of noise.
▲IR searchlight ON
Under light source, the image is clear and high contrast.
▲IR searchlight OFF (1km)
No light source, the hillside cannot be seen in the pitch black.
▲IR searchlight ON (1km)
With the help of light source, details of the woods on the hillside can be seen.

How to reach ultra-remote night surveillance distance?

Compared with LED technology, which is difficult to illuminate beyond 600 meters, infrared laser lighting technology with the same power can easily illuminate several kilometers.

Currently, the main ways to capture dark night vision images (Note) are thermal imaging, night vision RGB-IR imaging and radar imaging. Each method has its own strengths and weaknesses and needs to complement each other to obtain the most accurate information.

“ With the IR as a complement lighting for the existing long-distance video monitoring equipment to solve the problem that is not conducive to monitoring because of the insufficient light sources in the dark. It can illuminate objects as a significant distance ahead.”

Weather during shooting: cloudy / Distance to shooting target : 500 meters.
Camera used : Canon Me20 with CN 20X50 Ultra-telephoto lens.

Application field

Extra-long range IR searchlight for military, defense and law enforcement. In addition to border / coastal defense (coast patrol and maritime patrol), it can also be used in airports, ports, highway monitoring / forest observation or water source protection / national park protection / large industrial park (factory) monitoring. Suitable for various outdoor wide area uses that require long-distance observation.

When the light is relatively dark, the use of IR fill light to enhance the actual effect will not affect the normal vision of our eye.

Well-composed modular array light source makes the lighting control more efficient and more liable to adapt. It can effectively assist ultra-remote monitoring, reduce the unnecessary entry and exit of personnel to high-risk sites, such as day and night monitoring in petroleum, coal mines, military, and chemical plants.

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