With switchable special light sources to see scratches, dirt, etc. on the surface of product. Aid visual judgement. Used for a manual inspection to the finished products after a machine vision. Improve the quality inspection.


  • 4 light sources (white/blue/green/amber) to choose from.
  • Dual light source channels can be switched.
  • The intensity of the light can be freely adjusted (dimming range: 0% ~ 100%).
  • The platform type or bracket type both conform the workspace.
  • adjustable Irradiation angle , large area light source.
  • Support the use of foot switch to shift the light source channel.
  • Stainless steel, Sturdy.
  • The light box can be independent go with cantilever bracket fixture, suit the use for large area that needs consistent even illumination.
Under white light
Under collimated blue light
Under collimated blue light
Flourescent dust is visible under blue light (not visible under green light)
Under collimated green light
Human eyes have high contrast sensitiveness to green light for fine dust
Under collimated 4000k white light
Under collimated amber light


  • Adjustability. Multi-angle adjustable light sources avoid reflection.
  • Conform to the workspace, choose the platform type or bracket type.
  • Use a foot switch to control and switch the light sources, user can concentrate on product inspection.
  • A wide range of optional multi-wavelength light sources is offered, suitable for a variety of industries, for example welding, that need to be visually inspected as a quality control.
  • Stainless steel, durable and hygienic, suitable for clean room.
  • provides rich, evenly diffused light across the work surface.
  • Offer customized 2-Wavelength High-Power LED Sources.
  • Make the field inspections become quick and simple.
  • visual inspection lighting is to assist the detect for a variety of surface flaws, including cracks.


  • Wafer sticky dust particles inspection.
  • Wafer mask defect inspection (ex. Mask Package RSP200).
  • Transparent materials such as glass, or scratches on metal surfaces.
  • Mechanical parts / Component appearance Inspection (Flaws, Defects).
  • UPS <790> <1790> Visual Inspection