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Latent Bruises

Medical Staff photograph the injuries by mobile phone device or DSLR with TTL flash. Easy to access it is, but the photo quality can be poor, yet the discoloration areas may not be well-documented under ambient light if the victim doesn’t take instant documentation.


What can we do to help these violence victims suffered from long term physical abuse to file a lawsuit? Especially for the infants/toddlers unable to take a stand on their own? To provide photos that can accurately depict the injuries to the court is crucial.


What AgileLite System aim at is to photograph the discoloration area of a close wound or a latent bruise that is almost unrecognizable under ambient light but appears recognizable in the picture. Using two opposite colors, blue light LED at 470 nm with an orange filter, to reveal the darkened contusion details in brown hues.


From a preliminary inspection to documentation, AgileLite system is compatible with smartphone devices, mirrorless, and DSLR. Those who have little understanding of photography can single-handedly nail it in a heartbeat!



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