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Simply speaking, biosensor apply Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), semi-conductor manufacturing and bio-medical science technologies to mount the biological and medical micro instruments on the silicon chips or glasses. Those sensors can test diseases, blood, DNA, and perform other clinical diagnosis.

Sample for inspection
<Taken by X-Loupe G20 300X lens>

Take the biosensor above for example. It is required to inspect whether the electrical wire on the bio chip continues or becomes discontinuous during manufacturing process. It is also required to record the discontinuous situation during inspection. However, it is not easy to do the inspection and take pictures at the same time. Therefore, documentation has become a challenge during manufacturing.

Advantages of using X-Loupe

The feature, Point and Shot, in X-Loupe allows the users to examine the discontinuous wires during the manufacturing process of biosensors. The high resolution of the images can help the users enlarge the pictures without losing the clarity as well. Moreover, the portable feature of X-Loupe breaks the limitation of microscopes that are only used inside the laboratories and enable the users to examine the chips wherever the chips are. The users only need to return to the laboratories when the defects on the biosensors require further examination. Through this way, it has enhanced the efficiency of the inspection process and improved the yield rate.

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