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High-tech manufacturing - Semiconductor Industry

In the process of IC manufacturing, dies are bonded with the gold wires that are thinner than human hair on the substrates. The layout and the electrical connection for the wire bonding are implanted by machines controlled by programs.

Sample for inspection
<Taken by X-Loupe G20 300X lens>

When wire bonding is finished, it is required to examine the quality of the bonding and to confirm the wires are connected to corresponding positions on the substrates. Usually, quality assurance personnel adopt the electron microscopes, metallurgical microscopes, or other instruments to do the quality inspection. However, it is not easy to preserve the images during the inspection process.

Advantages of using X-Loupe

With X-Loupe G 20 series, the users can easily inspect the wire bonding with the human eyes and take pictures of inspection results. Once the users recognize specific defects that require further inspection, the users can move the wire bonding or the substrates to electron microscopes or metallurgical microscopes for details checking. Through this, the users can improve working process efficiently.

The features of X-Loupe G 20 series are:
The biggest magnification of G 20 series is 300 X (60X in terms of the optical magnification) and it is easy for users to hold X-Loupe G 20 series without being limited inside the laboratory.
The adjustable built-in lighting in X-Loupe G 20 series can reduce the reflection of the wire or substrate surface so the users can obtain the high quality of pictures, which makes inspections much easier.

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