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Aviation & Aerospace - The Coating of Aircraft Turbine Engines

The aircrafts’ turbine engines work under the extreme condition with high pressure, thin air and extremely cold temperature in high attitude. The requirements of manufacturing aircraft turbine engines are much higher than other engines for the safety and maintenance reasons. For example, the alloy materials for the coating and the surface treatment of the turbine engines determine the performance, durability, and the cost of the maintenance of the engines in the future.

Sample for inspection
<Taken by X-Loupe G20 300X lens>

One of the most common techniques to examine the quality of the coating is the visual inspection. The visual inspection can determine how the coating is applied and covered on the engines. However, some specific details and defects are not easy to be recognized by naked eyes and it is bulky and not efficient to examine the coating subjects underneath the microscopes sometimes. Moreover, the shape of some subjects or workpieces is not easy to fit between the objective lensand the stage of the microscope, either.

Advantages of using X-Loupe

First, the inspectors can use low magnification lens, for example 60X lens in X-Loupe G series, to examine the bigger field of view of the coating. Then the inspectors can change to bigger magnification like 150X or 300X to examine the specific details. With X-Loupe, the inspections can enhance the accuracy of visual inspection without extra process. Moreover, X-Loupe is also easy to use in group meetings. Just connect the cable of X-Loupe to the monitor or computer and the users can demonstrate in front of a group. In this case, X-Loupe enhances the quality of visual inspection without laboring extra equipments, which also enhances the efficiency. Other than coating examination, X-Loupe is also ideal to examine metal fatigue without being limited to the shape of the metal. For further annotations, the users can purchase X-Loupe Image Management Software to do the measurements on the pictures.

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