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From material selecting, cutting, curvature generation, polishing, to coating, every treatment in the process of optical component producing will affect the accuracy and the quality of the optical products.

Sample for inspection
<Taken by X-Loupe A201 150X lens>

On polishing, it is easy to cause cracks on the surface of the optical components. Visual inspection is the main measure to examine the defects on the surface. The accuracy of visual inspection relates to the inspectors’ professional experience. The accuracy also relates to inspection equipments. However, it is difficult to take pictures of the curved optical components and to reduce the reflection from those components.

Advantages of using X-Loupe

The patented lighting design (the coaxial lighting and the low-angled lighting) in X-Loupe G series can effectively eliminate the reflections from the optical components and help inspectors examine the cracks within a short time, especially the chipped areas on the edge of the components. With the pictures, the inspectors and other personnel can discuss how to enhance the yield rate in the manufacturing process to improve the quality and accuracy of the optical products.

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