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X-Loupe series of products

Unique Cross-domain Integration -- X-Loupe® Portable Microscope Camera

Designed to provide highest versatility and cost-effectiveness, the X-loupe® camera series allow for quick setting and convenient use as to get the fast live images thus offering easy workflow, especially meet the requirements of professionals.

The simplest way to make a product small and portable is to include additional functions in a single device. Lumos chooses Canon, the Japanese maker of consumer digital cameras with the largest market share in the world, as the product application platform. Canon’s excellent sensitization components and core technologies and products help Lumos constantly improve the existing products, while the price is only 1/3 of the competitors in Japan. The highly compatible X-Loupe® is also constantly improved with new Canon products in order to meet the demands in different domains. Read more

Sphere of application

X-Loupe is applied to Industrial QC, NDI (Non-destructive Inspection ) in Aviation and Mass Transit System, Forensic Investigation, Medical Beauty , Archaeology & Field Study , Natural Sciences & Ecology Observation, Antique Authentication , Boutique Appreciation and Anti-counterfeit Identification & Tool…etc.

It has been applied to the following professional fields:

  • Automotive, Aviation & Aerospace, Marine industry
  • Semiconductor, Electronic component and related industries
  • Metal manufacturers and Research Labs
  • Generator, motor, pump and other manufacturers
  • Medical , Chemical, Optical and instruments
  • Government, Research and education, Agriculture
  • Oil Industry, Paper Industry, Toy industry
  • Antique authentication and Boutique appreciation

Product application

With advancing technologies, new products are becoming more sophisticated and smaller, making them difficult for QC personnel to examine with the naked eye. Based on what we found out from our clients, we have determined that the functions needed by them are to:


magnify a product in order to see the problem,


exchange ideas with colleagues or companies instantly regarding a problem,


record the problem and document it, and


use documents to complete internal or external communications.



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X-Loupe completes delivers the above mentioned functions. With continuous illumination and the “preview” function on the camera LED monitor, a user can easily complete step 1 and 2. The picture of the problem taken within just seconds can be uploaded to a computer, completing step 3 and 4. The domains of its applications include the following two:


Professional R&D, manufacturing, equipment maintenance, and QC



Application domains: Medicine, farming, academic research, and scientific appraisal


Other products

Infinity X Digital Camera

Infinity X is the ideal digital camera for an exceptionally wide-ranging spectrum of applications with-in light microscopy. It offers an outstanding resolution for still images as well as exceptional faststreaming video at a very high resolution.

21 Million Pixels and Streaming Video

The Infinity X is designed to satisfy the unique andvaried demands of digital microscopy. It offersexceptional fast streaming video at an incrediblyhigh-resolution on the computer monitor as well asoutstanding resolutions on still images. Read more






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