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X-Loupe® Ultra Close-up Ring Light (UCRL)

External ultra close-up ring light is designed with special purpose for micro-shooting, capable of simplifying the complicated setting of light source and flexibly applying the changes of angle to make the effective image shooting.

Highly-bright LED with a long service life is provided and even brightness is adopted to provide a 360 range lighting space free of shadowing, and to professionally finish various evidences shooting with an all-round light source to easily emphasize the stereoscopic impression.


Super bright LED, low consumption, long service life up to 30,000 hours, provides a highly bright lighting.
(2) Three-wave length white LED has high color rendering index.( CRI 85)
(3) With changeable angles lighting, the patented design is unique in the world, enhances camera to realize extra macro photography in 1-15 cm.
(4) Six-stage inching switch is capable of adjusting the brightness between 0 ~100%.
(5) Nine light and shadow modes to add stereoscopic impression to the images.
(6) The light sources are designed with Turbo which is available to output two times of brightness
(7) The design of Light Dome allows the soft and uniformed lighting as well as centralized lighting upon the requirement.
(8) The design of switchable double color temperature can be used to select various light sources such as white or yellow light in accordance with the feature of the observed objects and the specific situation, with the purpose of getting the best observation effect.
(9) The fixed seat can be dismounted rapidly and conveniently. A 49mm image filter can be equipped additionally.
(10) In compliance with FC, CE and RoHS.





  All lights on→
II and III on→
III and IV on→
IV and I on→
I and II on
Or make all lights on, available to allow one side to be2 times brighter than the other side.


Specially Applied Specification
Criminal identification Collection of evidence (such as fingerprint) at criminal scene

. Applied to GFP light source to satisfy the demand of gene experiment

. With non-destructive test, which reaches the standard of UV/white light source for the industries such as Aerospace industry

.With IR source specification to meet the requirement of infrared photography

Dentistry, dermatology Case study and before/ after case image
Botany Real image record of the flower/ leaf/ fruit; insects disease
Geology Data collection for the field study
Insurance industry Proof finding for claim
Manufacturing industry Non-destructive test and visual inspection
Online auctioning Photography of small-sized goods


Application Suitable for inspection in fields such as Printing plants, Textile plants, Biology, Electronic manufacturing, Precise processing, Jewelry, Metal surface or Fingerprint identification.