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In order to meet the trend of ‘scientific and technological miniaturization’, enhancing the production and testing process is a must. When the precise-sized products are successfully manufactured, quality inspecting at the microscopic level is needed at the same time. However, the naked eye can never match the rapid scientific and technological development in miniaturization. Therefore, innovative apparatuses that extend limited eyesight now become essential. Foreseeing the needs for miniaturized products, the X-Loupe G20 delivers ‘Microscopic Quality Control’ to achieve precision and efficient work execution, thus infusing new energy into “micro inspection”.

Having to use a SLR camera with a macro conversion lens, adapter ring, and ring flash etc., the traditional way for micro photographing is not only complicated but also time consuming. To simplify the process, the X-Loupe Portable Microscope Camera, composed of a digital camera and a microscope module. With the innovative concept of replaceable objective lenses (1), also the convenience and portability that a DSC possesses, X-Loupe will enable the change does come easy. Evolved from the A Series, now G20 features two different built-in light sources with internal and external rings (2).

Optimizing the excellent optical zoom function, more than 10 different lighting options; to capture the image within 0.5 second and grasp at the object as small as 12mm- 5microns; more simplified operational speed that still retains the preciseness. The X-Loupe G20 efficiently presents the authentic micro images the users’ real needs, and to redefine the domain of vision.

1. Magnification lenses range from 60x, 150x to 300x 2. The internal ring :coaxial lighting; external ring :low-angled lighting. 3 Recommended for using the patented ‘Silicon Lens Contact Ring’ to prevent the lens from rubbing on the fragile or delicate object, to stabilize the lens and then reduce vibration while photographing. Also help to adjust optimal focus angle and distance while pressing on the ring.

Light, but not losing its stability - Even though the body size will not make a great impact on image quality, yet it directly influence the convenience while operating. The X-Loupe G20 is approximately maximum size of 150mm, maximum weight of 600g, which is not only an ideal weight, but it also conform to the operational way that a DSLR user is familiar with. The enlarged handle increases the stability holding, and the layout has been enhanced to improve the operational functions. Therefore, the conformity in the design of ergonomics makes the G20 is light but stable, and then provides the precision and smooth process while photo shooting.

Ultra-High Image Resolution - In order to correspond to the CCDs / CMOS of the DSC will be up to 10 megapixel, in addition to retaining the German SCHOTT® high quality and non-leaded optics lenses, the G20 uses next generation lenses with ultra-high resolution, to produce rich and razor sharp, faithfully present recorded pictures.
Due to the uncompromising optical design, the G20 successfully accomplishes high definition and high contrast to reconstruct the images; the excellent optical performance makes it possible to comparable with well-known Japanese macro lenses of DSLR.

llustration shows the next generation of microscopic lenses for the X-Loupe G Series; magnifications ranges from 60X, 150X to 300X, the three sets of curved lines indicate the device simulation value:10 lp/mm, 30 lp/mm and 50 lp/mm


Digital Brightness Modulation – Succinct and Powerful - The X-Loupe G20 is equipped with 6 digital settings for luminance modulation, the operational settings for coaxial lighting and low-angled lighting can be viewed in the view finder. When restarting the camera, the previous recorded luminance will be displayed automatically. The luminance ranges from 0-100% in six settings maximizing the variable light requirements, and thereby helps the user minimize any complicated setting processes without getting distracted.

Long Endurance Power - Safe and Stable - The new 820mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery still has a SANYO (Japan) Lithium battery core, which is compatible with Canon NB-5L battery. It provides G20 with an enduring power and will last the illumination over 5 hours while in the state of turning on both rings. Because of X-Loupe series attach great importance to product safety; therefore the batteries for this series have double cutoff settings for high temperature and electrical current leakage to ensure the users’ safety.

Low-Angled 3D Quadrant Projecting Lighting - Lighting is one of the most important elements for successful microphotography. The built-in continuous lighting of X-Loupe especially is the key to simplify the complicated process. In addition to the ‘coaxial lighting’ (Fully dimmable illumination), the G20 provides a ‘low-angled 3D quadrant projecting lighting’ (abbreviated: low-angled lighting), those will provide light from different directions, and anti-reflection to objects of high specular surface.

As illustration shows, with an appropriate angle, the low-angled lighting provides shadows and efficiently emphasizes 3D effect for the observed objects. Low-angle projection minimizes light reflection. This function equips the X-Loupe G20 to meet the challenges of photographing diamonds or specular objects.

Examining the System Status - Clear at a Glance - The view finder shows the system status, immediately show all the required information, such as the remaining battery power, lighting status, luminance display, low-angled projecting lighting quadrant, etc. Clearly indicate the system status and how the light adjustment affects images.