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X-Loupe® C101 Portable Microscope Camera

Win from the moment you shoot!


Designed to provide highest versatility and adaptability, the X-Loupe ® C101 portable microscope camera of shoots micro photos anytime, anywhere with any angles..

Combine with Canon Camera auto focus and over 12 megapixel features, the fast image capturing meets the requirement of professionals. The outstanding illumination technology and high resolution of X-Loupe® C101 is the first choice imaging solution in broad range of applications including NDT, Semiconductor, Forensic, and Anti-Counterfeiting.


All in one device

Gets you in and out. No more carrying multiple devices. No more lighting issues. From macro to micro, X-Loupe® C101 provides an excellent way to quickly and easily snap image or video with detail down to 5μm with lead-free Schott® Lenses in 80x and 160x magnification.

Adaptability and Portability


Gets you to the spot with what you need for decision making. X-Loupe® C101 can be brought to the location of your object allowing important decisions to be made on the spot and quick released lock for changing lenses in different magnification powers and adapt illumination.

Pioneer Illumination

Gets your object in the spotlight. High precision light diffusing customized White/UV/IR LED lenses optimize illumination and light evenness, also reduce exposure time thereby reducing negative effects of hand shaking.