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X-Loupe® Assay Series – A500 Specification


X-Loupe® Starter

X-Loupe® Pro

Included Number of Objective Lens



Magnification Power



FOV (Field of View)

FH10: 60X:10 x 8 mm, 150X: 4.3x3.2mm

Lens Material & Design

Schott® lead-free optical glass, Made in Germany;
High performance aberration-corrected lenses

Lens Coating

Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) coating

Recommended DSC* with Perfect Performance

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH10 Digital Camera

(*If the specified Canon camera phased out, Lumos will replace the Canon cameras with same level or higher level cameras)

Camera Resolution

FH10: Approx. 16.1MP

DSC* Specification

Please Refer to DSC* Manual

Built-in Dimmable Illumination

4 White Light LEDD

LED Life Cycle


Max. Current of Lens Module


Power Source
(1.Lens Module/2.DSC* )


1.Canon NB-4L or Compatible Li-ion Rechargeable Battery / Canon NB-4L
2.Panasonic DMW-BCL7E Li-ion 690mAh Battery Cell


Battery Charging

4Hrs for the first time,1.5Hrs for general usage

Dimension of Lens Module

100 x 56 x 60 mm with 60X lens

Dimension with Digital Still Camera(DSC*)

100 x 56 x 82 mm with 60X lens


Silicon, Aluminum Alloy, Optical Grade Glass, ABS, PC
and Latex. RoHS compliant.

Weight of Lens Module

Less than 150g

Weight with DSC*

Less than 300g

LED Color Temp.


Operating Environment

0 ~ 40゜C(32~104゜F)

*DSC:Digital Still Camera
( This specification is for the reference only. Future revision will not be notified.)