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Newest Tools For Crime Scene Investigation-
Easy to be performed on the spot, no need for special training.


In forensics , latent fingerprints are marks left at the scene of a crime. Ensure that no prints are missed, when investigators arrive at a crime scene, one of the first things is dust for latent fingerprints.


The new portable Microscope camera, X-Loupe® MightyGetter P4 (MGP4) will enable speedily set to work of photographing for dusted latent fingerprint placed on any surface.


The standard settings of lighting and working distance by way of reducing the working hours of fingerprint collection; MGP4 will efficiently finish all the dusted latent fingerprint photographs and preservation.


Sometimes using traditional methods, latent fingerprints which may not be immediately visible to the naked eye, and consider the difficulties of dusting and lifting a print off the following surfaces such as close-grained wood, concrete or brick wall etc., fingerprint evidence may not be detected; then, by the use of fluorescent that can aid for revealing UV-based latent print on these types of surfaces.

X-Loupe® UCRL (Ultra Close-up Ring Light) could be mounted on your DSLR instead of a traditional ring light, to provide a stable and powerful forensic light source.

UCRL features dual LED- UV light will enhance the detection of latent print, and also for body fluids like semen, saliva, vaginal fluids since they are naturally fluorescent. 
Besides, the powerful white lighting, angle is adjustable and shadow-free, helps to reveal small particles like fibers or hair settled on the floor or carpet; some of trace evidence will also glow under UV for collection.


The interchanged setting of dual illumination is easy to operate.


X-Loupe® MGP4 and UCRL, augment the standard photography of detection in new ways; make the steps in procedure of collecting evidence are processed more convenient, fast and efficient.