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X-Loupe Mightygetter Fingerprint Camera (MG-P4) specification  


Compatible Camera Types

Canon IXY Digital 220 IS, a.k.a. Digital IXUS 120 IS or
PowerShot SD 940 IS

Canon IXY Digital 210 F, a.k.a. Digital IXUS 115 HS or
PowerShot ELPH 100 HS

Canon IXY Digital 200 F, a.k.a. Digital IXUS 105 IS or
PowerShot SD 1300 IS

(*If the specified Canon camera phased out, Lumos will replace the Canon cameras with same level or higher level cameras)

Detailed Camera Specification

Please refer to Camera Manual

Exchangeable Objective Lens

Objective Lenses

30x Objective Lens for Dactylogram only

Lens Material

Schott® lead-free Option glass
MgF2 High-Efficient Anti-Reflection Coating

FOV(Field of View)

23.5*17.5mm~27.5*20mm adjustable

(by USAF 1951 Target)

28.5 lp / mm 

Illumination ( LED )

Single Light

Dual Light
White-light :12pcs

White-light and Functional light

Functional light:9pcs

Battery Module


Battery Status, Illumination Status, Quadrant Light Status


Please refer to User Guide

(EX: Canon 120 IS)

820Ah SANYO Li-ion battery core, Canon NB-4L compatible

(The thickness of Canon NB4L battery is not fit for the battery cassette of X-loupe module. )

Current Consumption

Max. 540mA

Battery Duration

3 Hrs.

Battery Charging

 Use the attached charger only
8 hrs for first time; 3 hrs for general usage.

Max. Dimension (mm)

150(L, with 300X lens) x 108 (w) x 65 (H)

Weight of Microscopic Lens Module

Less than 310g (Battery included)

Weight with DSC*

Less than 500g (Battery included)

Operation Environment

0-40℃ / 32-104℉

*DSC:Digital Still Camera
(This specification is for the reference only. Future revision will not be notified.)