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X-LOUPE® Assay Series – A500 Specification  download spec


X-Loupe® Starter

X-Loupe® Pro

Included Number of Objective Lens



Magnification Power



FOV (Field of View)

60X:12.4x9.3mm,  150X: 4.3x3.2mm

Lens Material & Design

Schott® lead-free Optical glass, Made in Germany;
High performance aberration-corrected lenses

Lens Coating

Multi-Layer Anti-Reflection (AR) coating

Recommended DSC* with Perfect Performance

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH10 Digital Camera

(*If the specified Canon camera phased out, Lumos will replace the Canon cameras with same level or higher level cameras)

Camera Resolution

Approx. 16.1MP

DSC* Specification

Please Refer to DSC* Manual

Built-in Dimmable Illumination

8 White Light LEDD

LED Life Cycle


Max. Current of Microscope Lens Module


Power Source
1.Microscope Lens Module/

1.X-loupe Li-ion 750mAh UL-certified Battery Cell
2.Panasonic DMW-BCL7E Li-ion 690mAh Battery Cell

Battery Charging

4Hrs for the first time,1.5Hrs for general usage

Dimension of Microscope Lens Module

100x 60x 60 mm with 60X lens

Dimension with Digital Still Camera(DSC*)

100x 60x 82 mm with 60X lens


Silicon, Aluminum Alloy, Optical Grade Glass, ABS, PC and Latex. RoHS compliant.

Weight of Microscope Lens Module

Less than 150g

Weight with DSC*

Less than 300g

LED Color Temp.


Operating Environment

0 ~ 40゜C(32~104゜F)

*DSC:Digital Still Camera
( This specification is for the reference only. Future revision will not be notified.)