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Which industries can X-Loupe be applied? Do you have any example?

1. Which industries can X-Loupe be applied?Do you have any example?


Our users have been in the following industries:



Semi-conductor and electronic manufacturers,
Industrial manufacturers,
Metal industry,
Micro machining,
Auto manufacturers,
Anti-counterfeiting and authentication,
Non-destructive testing,
Law enforcement,
Laboratories and education,
Government and Military, etc


2. How does X-Loupe apply to the semi-conductor industry?


In the semi-conductor industry, X-Loupe is not only ideal for quality assurance of wafers, but also good for the maintenance of manufacturing equipments, like shower heads, chunk, etc. The key issue is to how to make fully use of the manufacturing facilities without damaging the yield rate and the quality of wafers. With X-Loupe™, the engineers can examine the facilities to decide the best timing to replace the equipments without waste, and this can efficiently reduce the cost of unnecessary replacement.


3. I am in metal industry. How do I use X-Loupe to examine the metal surface.


The metal surface is reflective. Therefore, we suggest users to use X-Loupe G series to inspect the metal surface. With the low-angled lighting in G series, the users can easily examine the defects and cracks on the metal surface.


4. Can I use X-Loupe to identify the banknotes or the passports?


In security printing industry, microtexts and the fluorescent printing are very common and those criteria are very easy for X-Loupe™ to examine. Therefore, the applications in anti-counterfeiting and brand protection have become the mainstream for X-Loupe.


5. How to examine the coating with X-Loupe?


The quality assurance people need to inspect whether the coating is thorough and fully covered. With X-Loupe, the inspectors can easily examine both the specific details and a wider area of the coating with different lenses. Plus, the documentation of X-Loupe helps the inspectors discuss the specific coating defect with others more easily.