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Movie shooting and display


Can I shoot movies with X-Loupe? How long are the movies? Can I view the movies in DVD players?


Yes. You can make use of Canon cameras to shoot movies; the IXUS series allow users to select the recording pixels and frame rate and shoot movies until the memory card is full. The length of the movies depends on the capacity of the memory cards and the modes of movie settings. Please see Canon User Guide for the movie shooting settings. After shooting the movies, users can burn the movies on DVD and view the movies on DVD players.


2. Can I hook X-Loupe to the PC monitor/TV screen in a group meeting?


Users can use the AV cable inside the packaging box of CANON camera, to send the pictures or video out to the PC monitor/TV screen for group meetings.



Does X-Loupe have functions like annotations, the depth of field improving, image adjusting or others?


For those functions, users can purchase X-Loupe Image Management Software for further assistance. We also have a test version on our website for a free trial. Please click here for more details.