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Light settings

1. What are the image differences between X-Loupe A series and G series?


The glasses in X-Loupe G series adopts better glasses than A series, the lighting design in G series has more variety than A series, and the camera in G series is the latest model of Canon. Therefore, the image quality and resolution and color saturation of G series are much better A series.


2. How to adjust the light setting in X-Loupe A series?


There is a switch on the left side of X-Loupe A series and users can adjust the brightness by shifting the switch upward or downward to obtain the best lighting results.



What are the coaxial light and the low-angled light? How to adjust the coaxial light, the low-angled light, and the direction of light source?


The coaxial light: This means the light is put between the camera and the shooting subject, and the light directly projects on the subject surface. The features of the coaxial light are enable the light to full the whole CCD in cameras, and allow the tiny defects of the subjects being captured by the camera.
The low-angled light: The light source locates also between the camera and the shooting subjects, but it is near the table level where the shooting subjects are placed. The low-angled light is ideal for inspecting the defects on subject’s edges and the scratches on the subject’s surface.
How to adjust: On the left of X-Loupe G series module, you can find a switch that has three symbols, ●,○, and ⊕, which represents the coaxial light (Main), the low-angled light (Sub), and the quadrant projecting respectively. We suggest users to adjust the different light settings in the coaxial light, the low-angled light and the quadrant projecting while taking pictures, so users can see the differences through camera LCD and obtain the best shooting results.


4. What do “W”, “FL”, and “W+FL” stand for on X-Loupe G series module?


Those mean there are three different light sources for the coaxial light: W stands for White Light, FL stands for Functional Light, and W+FL stands for White Light mixes with Functional Light. When users switch to “W”, the LCD on G series module will indicate “W”. When switching to FL, the LCD on G series module will indicate F. Please note that Functional Light is optional for users to purchase. The standard built-in lights in X-Loupe G series are the white light. The 8 LEDs can be redesigned to 4 functional lights and 4 white lights according to users’ needs, and this is also optional.