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Focusing and stability


Why does the focus green frame in camera LCD run around and not easy to focus on the subject I want to shoot?


This is because AiAF is set as ON in Menu setting. Please click here to see the settings. Besides, the view finder of the latest camera for X-Loupe G 21 series has a wide viewing angle, and the focusing frame will enlarge if the users get the focus, which help users to get a clear view when taking pictures.


2. Why my X-Loupe is not easy to get the focus? How to focus with X-Loupe?


Please remember to select AiAF as Off in the camera settings, so the focus frame will stay in the center of the camera LCD and this will make focusing easily. Then slightly press the camera shutter to get the focus. After some practice, it will be easy for users to operate X-Loupe properly.


3. Can I choose manual focus in X-Loupe? Or can I select autofocus lock in X-Loupe?


Canon cameras for X-Loupe do not have manual focus function, but users can select autofocus lock instead. Please press the camera shutter slightly to get the focus. Then keep pressing the shutter and use another finger to press “Macro/ Infinity” on the “Func./Set” button. When you see “AFL” on the right of the camera LCD, the users can move upward or downward to find the focus from the camera LCD. We suggest users to use stands when operating AFL function to fine tune the distance to the shooting subjects and this will help users maintain stable when taking photos.


4. How to maintain the stability when taking pictures with X-Loupe?


Please sit down and put elbows on the table as the legs of camera tripods when using X-Loupe. If it is allowed to touch the surface of the shooting objects, please put your thumb and index finger of your left hand next to the objects as the support as pictured and use the index finger of your right hand to operate the camera shutter. Users can receive good quality of pictures after some practice. To reach a clear focus, please slightly press the shutter. When a green frame shows in the center of camera LCD, this means you have got the focus. If you see the yellow frame instead of a green one, it means you need to try to focus again.


5. Can I use the self-timer on Canon camera to work with X-Loupe?


If users worry about the vibration while taking pictures, users can select the self-timer on the camera to prevent this problem. When using self-timer, we suggest users to work with stands in case the pictures will be out of focus. We also suggest users to select “2-second” self-timer to take pictures.


6. Does the camera’s image stabilizer help in micro photography?


According to our test results, the image stabilizer in cameras does not help a lot in micro photography. We still suggest users to use stands, special techniques or select the self-timer with the stand to reduce the vibration to if necessary.

Technique: Users can also temporarily hold the breath for few seconds while taking pictures to prevent the vibration.



The 300X lens in X-Loupe G series is too big to hold still. Is there any solution to solve this problem?


The 300X lens in X-Loupe is not easy to hold steady. Therefore, we suggest users to use stands when shooting with 300X lens. Users can also select self-timer when using the 300X lens.

Technique: If the stands are not available, users can use papers, notebooks or other things handy to work as a temporary stand to stable the 300X lens.


8. My hands shake easily. Can I use the shutter cable?


Most cameras in Canon IXUS series do not support the shutter cables, except the one for X-Loupe G21 series. Therefore, we recommend users to work with stands or practice more to maintain the stability while taking pictures. As to attaching the shutter cable with X-Loupe G21 series, the users need to inform us in advance before the shipment delivery so we can attach the shutter cable for you.