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Basic operations

1. How to operate X-Loupe?


Operating X-Loupe is the same as operating the regular digital cameras. Please adjust the camera to the biggest optical zoom when you turn on the camera. Please maintain stable position when taking pictures, because any slight movement, for example, the pulse, might affect the shooting quality.


Please sit down and put elbows on the table as the legs of camera tripods when using X-Loupe. If it is allowed to touch the surface of the shooting objects, please put your thumb and index finger of your left hand next to the objects as the support as pictured and use the index finger of your right hand to press the camera shutter. Users can receive good quality of pictures after some practice. To reach a clear focus, please slightly press the shutter. When a green frame shows in the center of camera LCD, this means you have got the focus. If you see the yellow frame instead of a green one, it means you need to try to focus again.


Users can use an X-Loupe stand, if you need to work for a long time.


For X-Loupe G 21 series, users can purchase shutter cable in advance. (Note: the shutter cable is only optional for X-Loupe G 21 series’ model. If the users need to purchase the shutter cable, please inform us in advance so we will attach the shutter cable for you.)


2. Is there any setting I need to know before I use X-Loupe?


Before X-Loupe is delivered to the users, we customise Canon camera’s settings that are ideal for X-Loupe shooting and inspecting. If users change the settings, please read X-Loupe User’s Guide or the following for the original settings.


 Please adjust the camera to the biggest optical zoom when you turn on the camera.


 Please do not select Digital Macro Mode or Infinity Mode.


 Please press the “Func./ Set” button to select Manual Mode.


 In “Func./Set”, please select Daylight Mode in white balance.


 In “Func./Set”, select “Vivid” in Color.


 In “Func./Set”, select “Evaluative” in Light Metering Method.


 Turn off the flashlight.


 Press the Menu button and select AiAF as Off. With this setting, the focus frame will stay in the center of camera LCD and this will make focusing easier.


 Press the “Menu” button and select AF-assist Beam as Off. This function is designed for the supplement light for regular photo shooting. But users do not need this because X-Loupe already has built-in light.


 Press the “Menu” button and select Review as Hold. This will help users examine the pictures right away without switching back to “Playback”, which can save users’ time.


 Please select functions according to your needs.


 Please check X-Loupe User’s Guide for more details.


3.Do I need to turn on the flashlight and use digital macro function of Canon camera?


You do not need to use flashlight or digital macro function because X-Loupe is micro photography equipment and has the built-in illumination.