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The adjustability of built-in illumination

1. Why is X-Loupe illumination special?


The illumination plays a very important part in micro photography, and this is different from the flashlight in single-lens reflex cameras. The design of the illumination in X-Loupe is to provide a stable and durable light source for micro photography. The illumination in both A/G series is adjustable and the features are given below.

G Series

There are two kinds of illuminations in G series: the coaxial light and the low-angled light. The coaxial light allows the light to fill up the field of view in the camera’s CCD. Therefore, any tiny defects on the shooting subjects can be examined by the coaxial light easily. The low-angled light is ideal for detecting the flaws on the subject’s edges or the scratches on the reflective surface. Moreover, the five-position switch of light adjusting and the selection of quarterly light direction allow users to have more than nine combinations of options to observe the subjects.

A Series

The light design in A series is the coaxial light with eight white LEDs. There is continuous switch on the left side of A series module for users to adjust the light from totally bright, in-between, to totally dark.